United Nations Global Compact

We are committed to upholding fundamental human rights, ensuring fair labour practices, working against corruption in all its forms and protecting the natural environment within which the Group operates. We are guided by the United Nations Global Compact’s 10 principles, which aim to mobilise companies to create a better, more equitable world.

Human rights

We are bound by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, which contains the Bill of Rights.

All employees and contractors are bound by the JSE’s conduct and ethics policy and are guided in their behaviour regarding integrity, loyalty, equity, tolerance, impartiality and discretion.


We support collective bargaining and its principles as promulgated in South African labour legislation. While we have no recognised trade union and operate in a non-unionised environment, we promote good employee relations through detailed guidelines, policies and engagement.

South African law prohibits forced, compulsory, and child labour. South Africa is a signatory to the International Labour Organization convention, as applicable to fair labour practices.

South Africa has labour legislation that embodies these standards and the JSE’s employment policies incorporate these legislative provisions.

Our HR policy regarding employment equity aims to eradicate all forms of unfair discrimination. It aims to create opportunities for all employees, with special emphasis on previously disadvantaged employees, through specific employment equity programmes. These include affirmative action, performance management, learning and development plans, promotions and career planning.


We remain aware of our reliance on the natural environment, particularly at a time of growing concern about the environmental impact of non-sustainable business practices and the need to play a role in nurturing its ecosystem.

Environmental management and sustainability form part of the Group’s sustainability strategy.

We are involved in several significant initiatives and developments, including adopting the FTSE Russell ESG rating process, whereby eligible listed companies are assessed against a range of environmental themes, including climate change, water use, pollution and resources. This rating process determines the constituents of the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment index series.

We participate in the CDP reporting process annually as part of our journey to better climate change disclosures.


We have adopted a code of conduct and ethics, which articulates the values and acceptable ethical standards to which all persons associated with the Company are required to adhere.

We have a zero-tolerance approach regarding fraud and corruption and management is committed to combating fraud and corruption in all its forms.

Employees can report any transgression anonymously to a confidential whistle-blowing hotline. The toll-free hotline is independently managed and administered.

Our Market Regulation division reports suspicious trade activity in the JSE markets it regulates to the Financial Sector Conduct Authority for follow-up and further action.